Ties that kill: ‘Harassed’ by wife, man seeks official nod to end life

Kalabhai Dahyabhai Vankar of Kheda files plea with rights panel, high court; investigation officer says allegations are baseless.

Ahmedabad: It may sound bizarre, but it is true. A 40-year-old man in Kheda district has sought permission from authorities in the state to end his life, alleging that he is not able to carry on with life in the face of constant harassment being meted out by his wife.

Kalabhai Dahyabhai Vankar, who lives in Vaghas village of Kapadvanj taluka of Kheda district, has written letters to the chief justice of Gujarat high court, State Human Rights Commission, and district collector and superintendent of police of Kheda. He has stated in his application that once upon a time he was a rich farmer and owned large tracts of farmland but now he has become a pauper thanks to his wife.

Kalabhai married Paniben of Kamboya village in Kapadvanj taluka in 1985. They have three children from the marriage. However, he has said, their married life became disturbed about a decade ago.
He has claimed that his wife is interested only in enjoying life by spending money and has extramarital affairs with other men in the village. He has also claimed that he has been denied conjugal rights for last few years as Paniben lives in her village.

“My wife used to have relationships with other men. She had an affair in her paternal village prior to marriage and developed two affairs during our married life,” alleges Kalabhai. “Our last son, Ankit, is the outcome of her affair with one Girish and she has openly confessed this to our community.” He also claimed that he lost his farmland due to domestic fights with his wife and in-laws. “I had to mortgage my land and I could not repay the amount due to domestic unrest,” he said. Now, their son Priyakant alias Pankaj is residing with him, while a son and a daughter are residing with Paniben in Kamboya.

On the other hand, his wife Paniben has alleged that it was Kalabhai who had actually harassed her. She has said Kalabhai used to drink and regularly beat her. She lodged a police complaint against her husband, alleging dowry harassment and filed a suit in the court for alimony. The court in Kheda district has ordered Kalabhai to give Rs44,000 as an interim maintenance to Paniben.

However, Kalabhai says he is innocent. “I’m at present not in position to pay the alimony…Despite many differences, I was ready to live with her but she is not ready. Therefore she should divorce me and give me custody of my two children.”

Dejected, Kalabhai says: “I can’t bear such harassment… Even the law is not in our favour, therefore I want t end my life. I also fear for my life from my in-laws.”

Acting on his plea, the human rights commission and district collector referred the matter to Kheda police. DySP in Nadiad, JR Diwan, carried out an investigation. Diwan says Kalabhai has made a fake complaint against Paniben.

“Actually, Kala started harassing his wife after she refused to level false allegations against the landlords with whom he had mortgaged the land,” said the police officer. Kalabhai, however, is adamant about either getting justice or death.

Source: DNA India


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