Girl fined for false rape charge

Islampur, Sept. 26: A fast-track court today fined a 19-year-old girl for filing a trumped-up rape case against a youth who had to spend three months in jail.

According to sources in the court, the complaint was lodged on June 4, 2010, at the Chakulia police station by the girl, who was then 17 years old.

She had alleged that the youth had raped her around 4am when she was out for a walk.

The youth was arrested and remanded in judicial custody. He had spent 87 days behind bars. He was granted bail by the court in course of the hearing.

During the trial, the court heard the police as well as the physician who had conducted a medical test. The sources said that the medical test did not show that the girl had been raped.

Yesterday, the girl and her farmer father were called to court.

The father owned up in court that the charges were trumped up.

“I think that my daughter had made up the charges against the youth at someone’s provocation,” the father told the court. The girl too conceded that she had brought false allegations against the youth, who lives in the same village as her.

After the judgment, the youth said: “This girl had been asking me to marry her and when I refused she brought the false charge against me.”

Judge Subhasis Ghosal berated father and daughter and made them apologise to the youth.

He said that since both had owned up and regretted their actions, he would not start proceedings against them. He imposed a fine of Rs 3,000. He also said that such cases were also a waste of time of the court.

The fine was handed over to the youth through the court today.

“My client has been cleared of the slur that was brought against him. I am happy that justice has been done,” his lawyer Feroz Ahmed said.

The youth, who sells in vegetables and paddy, said he was relieved that his name had been cleared.

Kaizer Chowdhury, the public prosecutor, said that the case was an important one.

“This verdict will go a long way in making people aware that one cannot get away by slapping false charges. I hope this case will help stop people from filing false cases and wasting the time of the court,” he said.

“For two years I have been suffering mentally as I was ostracised and I had to do time in jail. Even my family looked down on me. I am now happy that the court has cleared my name,” the youth said.

Source: The Telegraph


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