Not just girls, boys are also victims of sexual abuse too

Not just girls, boys are also victims of sexual abuse too Bangalore: When it comes to abuse, boys are as equally at risk for abuse as girls, according to the NGO Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP). However, 70 per cent of the abused child respondents never reported the crime. The NGO also reports that in every 20 minutes, one women is been raped in India, as per the data of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Kumar Jahgirdar, CRISP member, said “The NCRB data also shows that crimes against women have increased by 7.1 per cent since 2010 and child rape cases have increased by 336 per cent in last 10 years.”

Sumangali Seva Ashrama (SSA) and CRISP have demanded the government for an instant action should be taken against sexual cases. Strict implementation of ‘Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act’, making sex education compulsory at high school levels, schools giving importance to the safety and security of children, open a child help line facilities and set up a special courts to complete trail of child abuse cases within 6 months and to delink the present women and child development ministry since women and child rights are totally different.

In majority cases, children never share with anyone about what is being happening and how they have been treated by the abusers because they do not feel safe to tell someone, since talking about sex is a taboo in the Indian society. These victims face inappropriate form of touching, fondling, voyeurism, exposure to pornography, intercourse and other sadistic acts.

“About 53 per cent children have reported facing sexual abuse. Out of these, 50 per cent abusers are well known person to the child (victims). They can be a family friend, a teacher or a relative even. Additionally, Children on the streets, workplaces and in institutional care reported the highest incidence of sexual assault. In 835 cases, parents are noted as abusers and 48.4 per cent of girls wished they were born as boys, just so that they could have escaped the trauma,” Jahgirdar also added.

“The laws related to safeguard children and women in India are really well constituted. But the problem is that it has not been implemented properly. The accused person’s face should be shown and highlighted more than that of the victim’s,” Susheelamma, head of SSA said.

Source: DNA India


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