Woman, lover bump off 19-yr-old brother

NEW DELHI: In a bizarre incident, a 22-year-old woman in northwest Delhi’s Rani Bagh conspired with her friend to kill her 19-year-old brother who opposed their marriage plan.

The young woman had planned to take advantage of her parent’s grief after her brother’s death and have them agree to her idea of marrying her boyfriend, police said.

Navpreet Kaur and her boyfriend Varun Chauhan have been arrested. “They were arrested after we recovered CCTV footage and questioned the family members and the young woman,” said N Gnana Sambandhan, DCP, Northwest.

Navpreet worked in the front office of a private company in Rohini and had known Varun Chauhan (27) for seven years. Varun worked in the same company. They had been in a relationship for long. Navpreet’s father owned a business of repairing heavy machinery and had an office in Rani Bagh. Police said that Varun’s father, too, owned a business in the same locality.

As per the plan, Navpreet called Varun home around 9am on Tuesday when their parents were away at work. She informed Varun that her brother Tejyash usually slept till late and was in bed on the floor above. Varun quietly entered the room and locked it from inside while Navpreet left for work to avoid suspicion. He then stabbed the sleeping youth with a butcher’s knife he had bought from a local market. Tejyash woke up and put up a fight but Varun pinned him down and slit his throat. He then left him dying on the bed.

An injured Varun left the house thereafter, locking the main door behind him. Navpreet’s mother came home around 10.15 and went to Tejyash’s room to wake him up. To her shock and horror, she found him lying in a pool of blood. She raised an alarm and informed her husband who called police.

A team from Rani Bagh police station rushed to the spot and took the boy to a hospital where he was declared brought dead. Police found out that the assailant had got a friendly entry to the house and started questioning Navpreet.

CCTV footage from the neighbourhood showed Varun entering the house. He was detained. Varun could not explain the injuries on his arms. On further questioning, he broke down and confessed the crime. Police said the murder weapon and bloodstained clothes have been recovered from him. The two have been booked for murder and criminal conspiracy.

Source: The Times of India


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