Why Everyone Who Supported My choice Video Is Dumb

My Choice – the word is creating a great buzz on the internet in past few days. A short film directed by Homi Adajania and starring Deepika Padukone …

My Choice – the word is creating a great buzz on the internet in past few days. A short film directed by Homi Adajania and starring Deepika Padukone and many other influential women has been created for supporting the cause of women empowerment. Vogue India took up this initiative to create this video/short film and the moment they released it, people went crazy over it. They loved the video!

And what was my response to such people – “You’re simply dumb”. This video being promoted with #VogueEmpower is another piece of work by people who just don’t understand what feminism is. In fact, they are so busy and stupid people that they can’t even get their hands on the dictionary to clear their facts.

Before you go on and think that my views are completely biased and baseless, let me clear that I didn’t completely hate the video. Some concepts talked of in the video are the ones I totally support for example, having the freedom to choose what you wear and whom you love or marry.

Having sex outside a marriage? I ask to all the women what if your husband or boyfriend says the same! Would you bear to see him sleeping with other women while he is with you? Would you bear if he has two children from his extra marital affair? Just give it a thought and I bet your answer would be a big No. In fact, you would go on begging for the sympathy of a judge in a court to ask for ‘justice’ because you were cheated on. Won’t you? Then how come you think that it is your ‘choice’ to have sex outside marriage or not? Obviously it is your ‘choice’ but how does this adds up to women empowerment? It is in fact telling women that it is okay if she does anything wrong. Men can be the only culprits in India.

“Your sins, my virtues” These are another piece of words written and spoken by someone who just doesn’t understand feminism. Oh yeah! Everything a woman does is a virtue and everything a man does is a sin. Really? Go check in your local court and see how many women have falsely accused people of rape to make some extra bucks or just take a revenge from a person who also said that “it is my choice to love you or not”.

I disgust at the fact that how women in this country take it granted to accuse men of anything and everything that is wrong with them. It is also a pity to watch 17 year olds hailing curses at guys who don’t offer them seats while travelling in buses. Why? Because most of the women in our country have been made to think that being a woman make them entitled to command extra respect and attention and videos like “my choice” just adds the fuel to such thoughts. If you have such thoughts, enjoy them. But then don’t go and pretend to be a feminist. Feminism means advocating for equal rights for women. But in India, feminism has a whole different meaning. It means a movement to try and overpower men. Hypocrites!

Since the video is on Youtube, it is available to all age groups. Let’s say a 13 year old girl watches this video. What kind of impression would this leave on her? Won’t she be left thinking that she can do anything she wants? Who is responsible for any mishappening that this video leads to? Would Vogue India, Deepika Padukone or people who supported this video take responsibility of the values they’re preaching? Not being loyal, considering oneself an epitome of virtues, come home or not come home – is this what you would want your girl child to do? Come on, be sensible!

Let’s see who was behind this video. Though there are many influential women who are a part of this video but the one who grabbed the most attention is the very famous bollywood actress – Deepika Padukone. Yes, she is the same actor who lashed out at a leading newspaper for talking about her cleavage. Now if you had given the time to research on that issue, you would have seen how the issue (the write-up was posted months before) was raised by the actress just before her new movie release. And don’t say that you don’t know how actors pull up different publicity stunts just before their new releases! So, how was everyone in India sure that this wasn’t a publicity stunt?

If it is such a pathetic video then why many people are supporting it? The video has many of the influential women from the country and it focuses on the words ‘my choice’ thereby boosting the arrogance and self obsession of the already proud people of India. You tell me, did you even pay attention to all that was said in the video before sharing it?

And this is why I hated that many people supported this video and liked it to show how they believe in feminism. That’s illiteracy! Leave the serious talks! If they had actually paid attention to the words of the video, no one would have supported it.

How much do you think women empowerment would make a difference in our society if the movement is being carried forward by hypocrites and illiterates? How do you think women would be empowered if you’re teaching them that anything that they do is right because they’re women?

Well this is exactly the message I got from this Vogue Empower “My Choice” video. And yes, I would again say that if you supported this video while calling it the next awesome piece that supports women empowerment, you’re dumb for you are supporting this ridiculously pathetic video.

Source: Finix Post


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