Delhi Woman Arrested On Auto Driver’s Complaint Of Confinement, Sexual Assault

Delhi Woman Arrested On Auto Driver's Complaint Of Confinement, Sexual Assault
Delhi Woman Arrested On Auto Driver’s Complaint Of Confinement, Sexual Assault

NEW DELHI – Delhi Police has arrested a 32-year-old woman for allegedly kidnapping an auto driver and extorting money from him. The 42-year-old auto driver has also alleged that she sexually assaulted him, though the police case against her does not include that charge.

According to the auto driver’s complaint, the woman flagged his auto down around midnight on Tuesday at Neb Sarai in south Delhi. The auto driver agreed to take her to Arjun Nagar, and she asked him to take a detour to stop at a convenience store on the way.

“She asked to borrow Rs 300 for him, which he at first refused,” the auto driver’s brother told HuffPost India over the phone. “She pleaded with him, promising to pay him back when they reached their destination. So he agreed.”

After reaching her house at Arjun Nagar, the woman reportedly asked the auto driver to come upstairs with her to her first floor home. Once they walked into her house, she allegedly locked the front door and tried to convince him to drink alcohol with her. When he protested, she proceeded to consume the liquor and then locked him in her house and left, he has alleged.

She later returned with another woman, identified by the police to be of Tanzanian origin, and they allegedly took away his money and auto driver’s license. “The Indian woman then tried to force herself on him and tore his shirt and undershirt while the foreigner lady began filming the episode,” his brother said. “Panicking and fearing for his life, he ran towards the balcony and jumped out, fracturing both legs.”

While a case of kidnapping, wrongful restraint, and extortion has been lodged against the two women in the local police station, the Indian woman has been arrested and sent to judicial custody at Tihar Jail. Police also found four other licenses belonging to different auto drivers and suspect this could be a bigger racket. The accused Tanzanian woman was on the run, Inspector Vishuddhanand Jha at the Safdarjung Enclave police station told IANS.

Source: Huffington Post

Woman who tried to molest auto driver arrested
Authorickshaw driver alleged that the woman forced herself on him. Driver Umesh Prasad, 41, alleged that two women forcibly tried to have sex with him on the pretext of pay

A 32-year-old woman has been arrested after an autorickshaw driver complained that she forcibly tried to have sex with him, police said on Thursday.

Another woman, said to be from Tanzania and who reportedly tried to film the act, was on the run, Inspector Vishuddhanand Jha at the Safdarjung Enclave police station told IANS.

Driver Umesh Prasad, 41, alleged that one of the women, Renu Lalwani, hired his autorickshaw on Wednesday afternoon in Saket in south Delhi and wanted to go to Arjun Nagar, about seven kilometres away.

At Arjun Nagar, she invited the driver to her flat on the pretext of paying him.

After offering him drinking water, Lalwani suddenly locked the doors from inside and sought sexual favours from the driver which he denied, Jha said.

The woman “then offered him wine which he again refused to take. Frustrated, she forced herself on him, tore his clothes and kissed him while her roommate filmed the whole incident”, the officer said.

After about an hour, “when the two women went to the other room for a discussion, the driver jumped out of the first floor balcony and fractured his foot”, Jha said.

Police said they had arrested Lalwani and were looking for the foreigner, identified only as Hitija.

Police found four badges and four driving licenses of auto drivers from Lalwani. Police believe the women may have trapped other drivers similarly.

Source: The Indian Express


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